“Transparency and Transformation: The Literary Institution at the Tipping Point,” AWP Conference

March 23, 2022

Philadelphia Convention Center. Philadelphia, PA

Many literary institutions are reckoning with a history of exclusion and discrimination. However, after accusations have flown and mea culpas been made, most have chosen to work behind closed doors as they try to reinvent the systems of power among their staff and on their board. Come hear from leaders at organizations who are undertaking this necessary DEI work out in the open, where transparency and accountability allow for vulnerability, and where misstep can be an opportunity to grow.

With: Ruben Quesada of the National Book Critics Circle, Joyce Chen of Seventh Wave, Crystal Williams of Boston University, and Rob Arnold of Hugo House.


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Headshots by Fiona Margo.

Book cover image, “Calla Lily, ‘Sunshine,'” by William Rugen.

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