The Seventh Wave–“What We Lose”

May 31, 2019 at 7:00PM

Hugo House, 1634 11th Ave, Seattle

The Seventh Wave will host a not-just-literary event in partnership with Hugo House to celebrate the conclusion of its ninth issue, “What We Lose.” One-part planned and one-part improv, this event is for those who practice art and conversation as a form of public engagement; who believe that literary communities are built both on the page and off; and those who create out of necessity. You will hear from Issue 9 contributors, whose work raises questions about our capacity to compromise and the lived realities of sacrifice, as well as from others who speak and work in the field of public service. With small group exercises to help break down barriers of formality, it is our hope that attendees will walk away with new and renewed connections, as well as questions to ponder and inspiration to write into. Because as much as the theme for the night is about loss, our belief is that by coming together, we will all gain a whole lot. It matters who’s in the audience.


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Book cover image, “Calla Lily, ‘Sunshine,'” by William Rugen.

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