All Its Charms

All Its Charms is about much more than the reinvention of the American family―it’s about transformation, desire, and who we can become when we move past who we thought we would be.

Her vision is original, and her voice—precise, questioning, sensual, wry—is one I’d follow anywhere. This book is a delicious accomplishment.Beth Ann Fennelly
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The Keys to the Jail

The Keys to the Jail asks the question of who is to blame for all we’ve lost, calling us to reexamine the harsh words of failed love, the aging of a once-beautiful body, even our own voracious desires.

In these poems, longing is only shaped like emptiness, but really is filled with everything one might reach toward or put their mouth to as they sate themselves on desire.Natalie Diaz
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Beautiful in the Mouth

Beautiful in the Mouth combines frank sensuality with sincere emotion, yielding poems that travel from New York City to the American West on an exploration of love and loss.

These soulful poems travel the landscape of the body, desire, loss, and love's conflicted ecstasies... Kuipers' voice haunts, indelible with mourning, grace, and an elegant wisdom.Dorianne Laux
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