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“Keetje Kuipers is a poet who uses ‘old-school’ techniques and subject matter to create striking and viscerally contemporary poems.”

— The Rumpus



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"The poems in Beautiful in the Mouth mostly identify themselves with a poetic register that is more tangible, emotionally sincere, linguistically straightforward and sensuous than that of the experimental lyric; it is also, while not at all reticent, acutely aware of the limits of language and of the off-putting quality of tone that authorial certainty and/or navel-gazing typically creates.... Keetje Kuipers' battle is with the ineffable, not with the perceived or actual limits inherent in any particular aesthetic approach.... Kuipers' is a poetry that demonstrates how instabilities inherent in the contested space between lyric and narrative conventions can yield poems that teeter and slip between location and dislocation, language and silence, past and present, presence and absence.... Often in Beautiful in the Mouth, the inability to find the words to say is at least partially caused by distance--both physical and emotional--, and it is this lack of proximity, then, that serves to thwart desire.... Keetje Kuipers' Beautiful in the Mouth is a collection that throbs with keen desire, restless loneliness, frustration and, occasionally, striking recklessness."
— John Hoppenthaler

Library Journal, 2010
"In her debut collection, winner of the A. Poulin Jr. Poetry Prize, Kuipers untangles the interwoven discourse between life’s richness and barrenness, its fullness and hollowness. Daily experiences fuel her poems, providing lavish, sensual images rife with exuberant details. Though the concise language sometimes becomes sentimental—“no one/ was coming to give me what I/ needed, but I lay down and waited/ anyway”—the poet ultimately turns what seems to be a standard prose line into true poetry by adding a twist or creating a sudden paradox. Nature plays a vital role in these poems, dictating even their internal music and fluctuation: “I let them chase me into the woods/ dead leaves fly like sparks under my heel.” And though many poems are autobiographical, there’s a skillful braiding of the personal with the impersonal, the real with the unreal. VERDICT This book introduces an original and promising voice that will be a joy for all curious poetry readers."
— Sadiq Alkoriji, South Regional Lib., Broward Cty., FL